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 Manufactured in the USA, our wireless nurse call systems that we provide at Cortel Technolgy Solutions have led the industry for almost 20 years.  Medical facilities from all territories rely on the wireless nurse call system for staff and patient safety. 

The MV200, MV400, Vision link I and Vision Link II system are the four nurse call systems that we offer. These products are reliable, flexible and affordable, with numerous features available to meet any facility’s needs.  

 The wireless nurse call systems that we provide offer pendant transmitters that can be used by patients to request staff assistance and to notify staff if a patient falls or attempts to leave his/her assigned location. 

With Full PC Integration, Mobil Tablets and Cell Phones, All In on PCS, wireless, pager, email, LED reader board, or phone calls and text messages are many methods of notification. Wireless nurse call allows staff to receive text messages notifying them of calls or reminders including patient information. Smoke detection, motion detection, bed/chair exit pads, equipment status, and mass energy notification are a few other features of wireless nurse call. 



 For over 20 years, Systems Technologies has been the leader in wireless nurse call systems for senior living. Engineered and listed to the highest industry standards, UL1069 and UL2560, you are assured of the highest level of safety and security for your residents and staff. Quality manufacturing practices, independent inspection and testing ensure reliability. Free technical support and training on a toll free number and no annual or per licensing requirements keeps your ongoing costs minimal. Advanced technology allows you to provide a better solution for existing and potential residents leading to a higher level of resident satisfaction and higher occupancy level. 

 Features include:

  • The industry's only four function personal transmitter transmits when button is pressed for help and can also signal when the wearer falls down and/or leaves the premises
  • Any combination of desktop, computer or server master console for call annunciation
  • Desktop consoles can annunciate your choice of 48 or 250 wireless pendants, stations or other transmitters of your choice.
  • Vision Link computer consoles can support up to 65,000 transmitters with no expensive licensing fees or annual support contract costs
  • Industrial computer consoles have solid state hard drives for reliability and include statistical call analysis reports, automatic backup and remote access
  • Resident and staff location if desired
  • Any size building or number of buildings on a campus can be wirelessly connected



 Long-term care and skilled nursing facilities face the challenge of providing quality, patient-centered care while staying on budget. VisionLink® can help by providing an affordable technology solution for your facility’s patient alerting and reporting needs.Easy Installation, Customization, and Upgrade CapabilitiesVisionLink® is the ideal nurse call system for nursing homes. The affordable system can be installed quickly and easily at facilities large and small, and it can be integrated with many types of existing systems. Engineered for high reliability and easy maintenance, VisionLink® is customizable and easy to upgrade, based on the changing needs of your facility.Unrivaled FunctionalityIn addition to full-feature nurse call system capabilities, VisionLink® provides an integrated platform that includes:

  • Call analysis reports, including elapsed time between call origination and call cancel
  • Bed turn software that activates the dome light over the door and notifies the appropriate CNA
  • Flexible alerting for patients and staff
  • Door and window egress
  • Wandering patient alerts
  • Bed and chair exit pad notification
  • Wireless ventilator alarm, and much more



 Assisted living communities are increasingly viewed positively by seniors and their families. These communities typically offer residents more opportunities to socialize and make new friends, provide nourishing meals, help seniors feel safer, and help eliminate stressful driving and strenuous housekeeping and yard work.Occupancy rates and resident satisfaction are driven both by the quality of care delivered to residents and the quality of life they experience. Residents and their family members need to view your property as inviting, safe, and comfortable. Technology plays a major role in meeting the standards of care required in senior living communities today.Keeping Residents Safe, Secure, and ComfortableSystems Technologies can help your facility achieve its goals of keeping senior residents safe and comfortable by supplying you with the tools you need to deliver holistic, person-centered care. While there are many medical alert pendants on the market today, they are typically very limited in their functionality.Our assisted living nurse call systems go much further in promoting resident safety with the only four-function medical alert pendant in the industry. Our pendants provide:

  • Call assistance: Pendant features a button wearers can press for help; pendant also features a call-cancel button that reports the elapsed time between call placement and staff response.
  • Location information: Indicates the pendant wearer’s precise location for improved response times.
  • Fall impact stats: Pendant can be programmed to automatically notify staff when resident has fallen.
  • Elopement risk: Pendant can be programmed to automatically notify staff when resident has wandered off the premises.



 Quality patient care depends on timely caregiver response. That's where Intuitive for Memory Care can help. It provides vital information to caregivers in near real-time, allowing them to intervene earlier and avoid costly hospitalizations, thus delivering better care. Intuitive combines small, wireless sensors with robust data analytics to enable predictive algorithms that help identify potential problems before they become urgent situations. This leads to a personalized care plan for each resident and increases the confidence of nursing staff and family members alike.

Unique Wireless Sensors

Tailored to meet the requirements of the individual community and resident, Intuitive uses small wireless sensors to learn residents’ daily routines. When any out of the ordinary event occurs, Intuitive sends an alert to nursing staff via pocket pager, cell phone, iPod or other notification device. Intuitive sensors can be placed in bathrooms to detect frequent or extended bathroom visits all day or just at night. They can be combined with a toilet flush sensor for additional information would be helpful. They can be positioned in the bedroom to signal delays in getting up in the morning, or at exit doors to alert staff if the resident wanders out in the night.. Sensors can also be positioned in or near a medication storage container. While they cannot indicate whether or not a resident has actually taken their medication, the sensors can indicate whether a resident has opened or accessed the container.



 Whether your hospital is considering a complete nurse call system replacement to increase flexibility and reduce cost, or simply looking for an inexpensive solution for:

  • On or off site medical offices including infusion and dialysis clinics
  • Temporary nurse call during system replacement or system down time
  • Distress alarm for staff safety
  • Emergency nurse call for your disaster plan
  • Swing rooms to another nursing station without the expense of re-wiring
  • Long term care units
  • Wireless ventilator, IV pump or other equipment alarm notification
  • Patient or asset elopement

Consider a Vision product solution. Our systems are listed, tested and inspected to UL1069 and UL2560 standards and manufactured in the USA to guarantee quality and reliability. Our spread spectrum wireless technology can be used throughout the hospital and will not interfere with wireless networks, telemetry, pacemakers or other equipment already in place. Talk to one of our friendly product specialists today for more information on using wireless nurse call in your hospital. 



 Whether your clinic is large or small, Vision systems provide an inexpensive wireless solution for your nurse call requirements. The console simply plugs into a standard electrical outlet and “hears” the fully supervised wireless signals from all Vision stations and transmitter devices. Stations can be easily flush mounted in existing walls for a clean, finished appearance and are powered by a 3V user replaceable lithium battery with an expected 4 to 5 year lifespan. When activated, the call station instantly signals nursing staff that help is needed. Add emergency pull stations in bathrooms, call cord stations at patient recliner or bed and push button staff call stations in exam rooms and code blue stations in procedure rooms. Pendant transmitters can “hang” from a bed rail or gurney or simply handed to the patient to signal when assistance is needed. For additional annunciation, add corridor lights above the doors, duty stations, LCD monitors or wireless readerboards for staff notification. Or simply use pocket pagers or other device of your choice to receive alarm information from the nurse call system and, if desired, text messages from the console advising staff of calls on hold or patients waiting. Need to know which exam rooms are empty and available? We have a wireless solution for that, too. Call us today and a friendly product specialist can transform your requirements into an inexpensive, easy to install solution. 

Systems Technologies

 Systems Technologies manufactures patient call systems for use in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, assisted living, senior living and emergency services.


How many device can I use on the VisionLink Systems

 A: VisionLink® or VisionPro® wireless system can support 65,000 transmitters including pendants, wall stations, door/window, smoke detectors, bed pads, chair pads, floor mat, and/or wheelchair pads with alarms that go to the console and out to the VisionFlex Messenger®. 

How many pagers can I use on a paging transmitter?

 One paging transmitter can support any number of pagers on the same frequency. The system also offers the ability to assign escalating paging, paging groups and manager pagers to ensure your residents receive the assistance they need. 

I need dome lights can your system do that?

 Yes, our patented dome light controller can give you as many dome lights as you need and even provide different lights for different call priorities (red, blue, white, flashing, etc.) 

Can I run Statistical Call reports and/or print them from VisionLink®?

  Yes, the VisionLink® system records the time, room number and duration of all calls enabling staff to develop protocols for quicker response and better care. 

What unique features does the VisionLink® system offer?

 We offer bed turn scheduling, check-in scheduling with your choice of active and/or passive resident check-in, silent text messaging from any station or PBX operator to any staffer or group. You can also create your own device names with five distinct priority levels for customized alarms. Call us toll free and your sales engineer can give you many more features with suggestions on how to use them to improve resident and staff safety. 

I already use a wandering patient system, do I have to replace it with yours?

 No, VisionLink® easily integrates with most wanderer management, fall monitoring and security equipment so you don't have to replace everything to get a fully integrated system. 

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