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The Next Generation in Business Phones

 In today’s fast-paced, interconnected world, it is more important than ever for businesses to have a communications solution that will keep them connected to their customers and employees – from anywhere, at any time. Despite some providers extolling the diminishing need for a desktop phone, the fact is that it remains one of the most – if not the most – critical components to successful business communications. Equipping employees with the right phone that delivers the best features and productivity-enhancing tools can drastically increase a company’s business performance.For nearly thirty years, ESI has striven to perfect the desktop phone as the hub of business communications. Purpose-built with an intuitive design, ESI Business Phones are loaded with advanced capabilities that put the everyday features that users rely on right at their fingertips. Other companies may sell generic phones with their systems, glossing over the issues that stem from adding third-party devices to their solutions. ESI, however, designs and engineers the phones to work seamlessly with ESI solutions, delivering the best user experience available. 

Simple. Powerful. On-Premises.

 Sophisticated yet simple, ESI’s on-premises solutions give you the flexibility of both digital and IP functionality. All of your vital business communication features are built-in – not just added- on, making for a more intuitive and integrated approach to communications. 

Features to support a growing business

 Unique message handling

  • Intelligent caller ID and call forwarding
  • ESI – Virtual Answer lets you greet every caller even if you’re on the other line.
  • Extensive voicemail capabilities with advanced features and messaging options

Increase business productivity


  • One-Touch call recording
  • Conveniently route callers to desired locations, plus provide overflow support for live-answer calls.
  • Stay connected with multi-device management
  • Easily add VIP7 for desktop administration or ESI Presence Management to further optimize your businessand prompts).

Flexible architecture


  • Supports both digital- and IP-based communications
  • Easily connect multiple sites with ESI-Link™ enabling you to manage a single system
  • Streamlines data redundancy for constant and automatic backups of all system data (recordings, system programming, voice mail messages and prompts).

Save money on connectivity


  • Implement SIP Trunking and save as much as 50% on connectivity costs.
  • Unlimited long distance and local calling in North America, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Business continuity keeps you connected in case of business impacting events
  • Scale your business connectivity quickly and easily with SIP Trunking.

ESI Products

ESI eSIP Evolution Series™


  The all-new ESI eSIP Evolution Series™ delivers power, performance, flexibility and scalability for small to mid- sized enterprises up to 500 users. With a modular design that uses the very latest advanced standards-based technology, the eSIP Evolution Series is engineered for the communications needs of today, while “future-proofing” your investment with the ability to grow along with your organization in the future.  

ESI Communications Server


 Build your entire telecommunications strategy around one of the powerful ESI Communications Servers, knowing that they will easily adapt as your business needs change. The ESI-50, ESI-100, ESI-200, or ESI-1000 can support a traditional business phone system, a fully standards-based IP telephony system, or a combination of both..... 

ESI Access Control


 Building access control systems can be expensive and beyond the reach of many businesses. Our solution combines the security functions of an access-control system with our award-winning communications systems delivering a unique solution that is advanced and affordable — a fraction of the cost of stand-alone access technology. 

ESI Mobility


 To stay competitive, your organization’s high-performing employees need options to stay productive and accessible without being constantly tied to a desk. Plus, as a business, you must be able to maintain and protect company data and ensure your employees are accessible even while on the road. Employees are often using personal phones while on the road for business transactions, which the business has no visibility into. 



 ESI Cloud PBX delivers an end to end communication experience like no other. From the desk phone to the desktop or any mobile device ESI delivers a single user experience across all devices leveraging the advanced features of the ESI phone and cloud PBX. Our phones are purpose built to work with our PBX solution making it the most integrated solution on the market. 

A Hybrid Approach to Cloud


 ESI delivers the reliability, control and connectivity of a complete business phone solution. A hybrid cloud solution enables your business to be more agile, competitive and cost effective. Not ready for a full cloud solution? A hybrid approach keeps you in the game with new communication features plus can reduce the cost of your connectivity by up to 50%. Merge the power of an on-site IP-based phone system with power of SIP connectivity. Gain the benefits of the cloud and manage your phone system locally. 



ESI Makes it Easy to Communicate...Even in the Cloud!

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