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Structured cabling



 Structured cabling systems are the backbone of the modern information network. Cortel's expertise in the design and implementation of your structured cabling can have a significant impact on your construction costs and your ability to make painless organizational and technology changes in the future. We install a wide variety of copper structured cabling as well as Fiber,  both Single mode and Multi Mode fiber.  Cortel Technology Systems offers you the versatility of options. Our systems are designed to meet your current needs… and also allow for easy integration of new technology solutions and capacity. As you grow and adapt, we make sure your network grows with you. 

In-House Design

We use computer-aided design tools giving us a unique ability to layout all communications rooms and cable pathways prior to any installation. Our design staff ensures the system we design for you will meet your current needs as efficiently as possible, while taking into account future system growth. 

High Quality Installations

 Here at Cortel Technology Solutions, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our building technology installations. We ensure the quality of our installs with the process by which they are designed and implemented. 

  • Our systems consolidate cable-delivery methods for all your communications systems, including security, to reduce your initial construction costs.
  • Our systems provide consistency in cabling, but flexibility in vendor equipment.
  • Our systems are organized to facilitate troubleshooting by making it easy to identify, isolate, and correct problems.
  • Our systems are built to quickly and easily accommodate organizational restructuring or growth without costly outages or painful logistics.
  • Our systems are built to adapt to new technologies to enable enterprises to respond quickly and cost-effectively to changes that occur in voice, data, multimedia, and security systems.

Network cabling Services Offered

CAT5E Network Cable


 CAT5E network cable is often used for 350MHz. high speed voice and data networking. When it is being run through environmental airflow spaces such as plenums, it must meet industry standards to comply with building codes. It must pass rigorous testing such as the plenum flame test in order to qualify. Primus Cable’s CAT5E network cable is rated for bandwidth speeds up to 350MHz. 

CAT6 Ethernet Cable


 Cat 6 cable is frequently used for residential and commercial data networking applications. This particular cat 6 cable is proudly manufactured in America to the highest quality standards. Even though the industry standard for Cat6 cable is a transmission speed of 250MHz, Primus Cable’s Cat6 cable has been tested up to 600MHz. 

CAT6A Bulk Ethernet Cable


 If you require greater bandwidth in copper cabling, look no further. CAT6A Ethernet cable with its superior construction is made for twice the bandwidth of CAT6 with minimal crosstalk. This cable is also backwards compatible with legacy networks utilizing CAT6 and CAT5E. CAT6A Ethernet cable carries a data signal up to 328 feet total distance. 

CAT7/7A Ethernet Cables for 10G Networking


 10G networking applications rely upon higher standards to mitigate EMI and crosstalk. Category 7 and 7A Ethernet cable involves conductors with greater levels of shielding. Our bulk CAT7 .

 CAT7A cable is a high speed 10 Gigabit F-Type Bulk Cable which consists of a 4 Pair / 8 Conductor configuration. The Augmented F-Type Cable has a jagged interior jacket that allows for faster bandwidth (up to 1000 MHz with Augmented CAT7). These twisted pairs are individually shielded in order to repel electromagnetic interference (EMI) in electrically noisy environments. This CAT7A Cable is designed with an Overall Tin-Copper Braid for extra interference protection Ethernet cable has individually shielded twisted pairs and 23 gauge solid copper conductors. This lends to its superior quality for 1000Base-T data networking. 

Fiber Cable and Fiber Optic Products


 Here at Cortel Technology Solutions, our objective with fiber optic products remains cohesive, to bring you the highest quality fiber optics and supporting fiber optic components. Each person’s fiber optic cable needs may be different—we carry LC, ST, and SC connectivity, single mode or multimode fiber optic cable, media converters, duplex and simplex cable, plenum bulk fiber, all at various lengths and sizes. Within this page, you will find an extensive array and wide selection of fiber optic cable products to enhance and upgrade your network. We strive to bring you the latest fiber optic technology products, all at reasonable prices and backed by our superior customer service 

RG6 Cable for HDTV, Cable Television and Security Camera Systems



Satellite and HDTV television networking require coax with higher level of shielding for signal retention. RG6 coaxial cable has denser jacketing and a thicker conductor than RG59, so it can transmit data at double the speed. We supply RG6 dual shield and quad shield cable to maximize signal retention for even sharper, clearer digital pictures.

If you’re installing coax underground for CATV networking, you’ll want RG6 direct burial coaxial cable like the RG6 Direct Burial Dual and Quad Shield Coaxial Cables, 18 AWG. Its quad shielded copper clad steel conductors are protected from interference by both 60% and 40% aluminum braid shielding. It has a polyethylene, UV resistant outer jacket making it safe for installation outdoors.

Chatsworth Products

 At Cortel Technology Solutions, we use a wide variety of Chatsworth Products.  It is our mission to address today’s critical IT infrastructure needs with products and services that protect your ever-growing investment in information and communication technology.

Chatsworth Products (CPI) is a global manufacturer of IT infrastructure and industrial automation products and solutions that protect your ever-growing investment in information and communications technology. We act as your business partner and are uniquely prepared to respond to your requirements with global availability and rapid product customization, giving you a competitive advantage. With decades of experience engineering thermal, power and cable management solutions for the data center, enterprise networking and industrial enclosure markets, CPI is well positioned to provide you with unequaled application expertise, customer service and technical support, and a global network of industry-leading distributors.   

Leviton Copper Systems

 Leviton delivers the industry’s most innovative family of copper solutions. With three comprehensive systems to choose from, Leviton has the right system for any application. 

Fiber Fusion Splicing

We fusion splice all fiber connections by utilizing the INNO View 7, a core-alignment splicer with the world's highest fiber image magnification rate, is the most powerful and innovative fusion splicer in the market. View 7's 5 inch high-resolution color LCD touch screen with user-friendly intuitive GUI (Graphic User Interface) offers large and clear fiber images to our technicians.   All fiber strands are terminated, VFL and fluke certified.

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