We believe that the best technology is created by professionals that have experienced firsthand what it’s like to be in the field installing a system or programming software. We know what it takes to secure a facility properly and provide the end user with a solution that instills confidence and safety.

At PDK we are passionate about creating technology to enhance the security, safety and overall experience of both the professionals that are installing electronic access control and those that live with and use the system each day. We have thousands of systems managing tens of thousands of doors throughout North America alone. We continue to create technology every day to enhance our products and the products of our technology partners.

Cloud Management


  The Cloud Node delivers full cloud access control with its easy to use plug and play interface. While connecting to IP and/or wimac™ wireless controllers, streamline the entire programming process with full configuration from any web enabled device. 

Mobile Management


 Full mobile management allows for complete control whether you are in the office or on the road. The pdk mobile app does not restrict which features are available for mobile management. We give you full control of every feature in the system from any Internet connected device. 

Instant Alerts


 Real-time customizable alerts keep you in the know. Whether it relates to people, doors or events, you can create email and text alerts that let one or more people know what’s happening. Instant alerts are a powerful tool when comes to the safety and security of your facility.  Instantly know the status of every door at your facility in a single glance. Our intuitive interface allows you to not only see whether a door is locked, unlocked, propped or forced but it also allows you to change the state from your mobile device. 

Live Events


 Keep tabs on who’s coming and going with real-time live monitoring of system activity. Security personnel can compare the image of the authorized cardholder in the software verses the actual person scanning the card. 

Cloud Backups


 With six months of data protection stored in the cloud you’re ready for any calamity mother nature may throw in your way. Rest assured your entire system is backed up each and every night. 

Real-Time Updates


 System software updates happen real-time giving you the latest features as they are launched. Never worry again about what version of software you are running or if the manufacturer will end-of-life your system. 

Total Flexibility


With our complete lineup of Network, PoE, and Wireless Door Controllers, you can get access Control anywhere you need it.

Singleio Controller


  Single Door Controller

The single io controller is used for adding doors to a Cloud Node one door at a time or expanding an existing pdk system. With the option of Network, PoE, or wireless connectivity, the single io is the most flexible controller on the market. Each unit is equipped with a fully supervised power circuit that monitors input, output, battery voltage, and overall controller health.

Network * POE * Wireless



 Gate Door Controller 

The gate io is perfect for gated entrances, and openings exposed to the elements or harsher environments. Never worry about costly trenching ever again. The gate io comes in a sturdy lockable NEMA 4X UL-rated weatherproof enclosure. Powerfully equipped with WiMAC wireless, the gate io can reach up to one-mile line of sight.

 Network * POE * Wireless 



 Eight Door / Ten Floor Controller 

 The eight io controller will handle eight individual doors or ten elevator floors. Add the Eight Door Expander and take control of up to sixteen doors or twenty elevator floors out of one 12x12 enclosure. Whether you are controlling doors or elevators, you won’t find a more compact, efficient, and easier to use door controller on the market. 

Network * Wirewless

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 Already have a network cable at a specific location? No problem, all of our controllers are available as network devices. Also, network controllers can be combined with WiMAC wireless controllers on the same system for ultimate flexibility and cost savings. 

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 Use our WiMAC Wireless Door Controllers for those hard-to-reach areas such as gates and detached structures. WiMAC eliminates lengthy wire runs, conduit, and trenching, allowing you to say goodbye to costly and time-consuming jobs 

Finally, a Bluetooth reader with real intent.

Unlimited mobile credentials


 With touch io, you can issue an unlimited number of mobile credentials per reader. There's no need to buy redeemable scratch cards, and system owners will experience significant cost savings over traditional access control cards. 

Built for security & convenience



Increased Security

Compared to traditional RFID prox cards, as well as to more high-tech 13MHz contactless smart cards, touch io mobile credentials can't be cloned or copied. 


Easier Management

Issue mobile credentials in seconds using only an email address. System administrators can easily generate and assign mobile credentials to employees with just a few clicks from within pdk io.

Hassle-free touch access


 Keep your phone in your pocket for hassle-free entry. Simply tap or nudge the reader and touch io will automatically unlock the door using a mobile credential. No more fumbling with keys, looking for an ID badge, or struggling to get your phone out of your pocket. 



Touch By ProdataKey


The all-new touch ioTM Bluetooth reader enhances user experience while upholding the highest level of security. Using a mobile device as a credential, touch io allows users to keep their phone in their pocket for hassle-free entry.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does touch io require a cellular or WiFi connection?

 No, touch io uses Bluetooth technology for mobile credentials. That way, if there is poor cellular coverage or if the WiFi goes down you can still use your mobile device as a credential. 

Does the app need to run in the background on my phone

 Yes! In order for touch io to work properly, users must keep the Bluetooth on their device active. If a user turns Bluetooth off, the touch io app notifies them that their mobile credential will no longer be active. By utilizing Bluettoth Low Energy, the touch io app should have very little impact on a devices battery life. 

What Happens when a phone gets lost or stolen?

 If a phone is lost or stolen, its owner can immediately deactivate the credential by remotely wiping the phone with a tool like “Find My Phone,” a precaution he or she is likely to take out of concern for other personal data also stored on the device. By contrast, if a wallet or keys are lost that contain a card or fob, the credential remains active until the company’s system administrator is notified of the loss – which may sometimes take days. 

Can the card read distance of the touch io reader be adjusted?

 System administrators can fine-tune the read distance in the touch app. Touch io can read a mobile credential from as far as 30 feet away. To avoid unintentional openings, we don't recommend extending the read distance beyond where a typical user will stand as they approach the door. 

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